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Safe Riders Gear is a new line of road and trail riding gear designed by a Vermont trail rider for trail riders and their horses. The need for these products has become more apparent over the past several years as cars drive faster and closer to the horse and rider than ever before. The vests are designed to alert the driver to the safe way to pass a horse and rider along the road. We have incorporated into all of our designs High Visibilty Yellow with reflective strips for riding along the road and Blaze Orange color for riding in or near the woods during hunting season.


Best of America by Horseback Fall Colors Ride, Leatherwood Mountains, NC

The ride was wonderful, perfect weather and fall colors... it is hunting season in North Carolina, so I reversed all of my Safe Riders Gear to the orange side. While I was there,  Best of America by Horseback filmed a two minute Product Spotlight interview with host, Tom Seay talking with me about Safe Riders Gear and Trail Riders Jeans. The video is below. They have beautiful trails and great people!


Safe Riders Gear Product Spotlight on the RFD TV show, The Best of America by Horseback...




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Happy and Safe Trails from Vermont!

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Trail Mounting Strap Trail Riders Jeans
Safe Riders Gear Trail Mounting AidTrail Riders Jeans

New for 2014!! The Safe Riders Gear Saddle Buddy. Safe Riders Gear has teamed up with a seamstress trail rider in Michigan to make this new Safe Riders Gear Trail Mounting Aid. It is a saddle stabilizer strap for those of us that need to dismount...

Trail Riding Jeans for men and women. Available in Full Seat or Long Knee Patch styles. Please select both size and style from the drop down menus.



We are a small Vermont company. Your word of mouth recommendations and facebook "likes" mean everything to us and we thank you for that! We have no distributor, and our products are only available here and in select stores. Click on the WHERE TO FIND US link to see the stores where we are available, we are updating this page frequently.